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Jared Davis MCPF, GCF, is an industry veteran of over 25 years, and a recognised international speaker and educator, working a as product manager for Megawood Larson Juhl, Australia, and as an international consultant for GUNNAR, based in Switzerland. In 2013, Jared was elected to serve on the PPFA's international Board of Directors.  

Travelling around Australia, and the globe, Jared's various job roles have always had a focus on both sales and customer support, giving him the privilege and opportunity to visit many different businesses in both the Framing & Graphics industries.

Drawing from his wide range of experiences & interactions over the last 25 years, Jared has shared his knowledge & skills with thousands of industry business owners through his written articles and dynamic seminars, aimed to help everyone achieve business success in our industry.

With over 100 published articles, Jared is a regular columnist and contributing editor for our industry's largest and most recognised publication, Picture Framing Magazine, based in the US, and also Megawood Larson-Juhl's "Aspect" monthly publication in Australia.

When teaching and travelling, Jared reveals his insights & experiences in his popular educational seminars & workshops with his uniquely entertaining and inspirational style. 

Jared has also authored the popular book "Getting the most value from your CMC", which shows framers how to unlock the profit & potential of their computerized mat cutters. 


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