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Jared has put together a growing repertoire of seminars & workshops, focusing on the direct and "real" elements required for business owners to be able to apply and benefit from straight away.


Jared's seminar's are "an experience", and anyone who has attended one of his seminars will know that he offers a youthful, dynamic & contagious energy, with a very natural and entertaining style.


Jared continually changes and updates his seminars to keep them fresh and relative to the market.



Great Frameshops with Great Ideas - NEW!

Jared will reveal the visual journey of some of the best ideas and concepts from frame shops around the globe which stand out from the crowd! The ideas explored will range from appealing sales displays to practical concepts and point-of-sales aids to improve processes. Jared will also reveal some inspirational "before and after" business transformations and insights into overall store layout and sale counter designs. You will also discover useful business strategies designed to improve your customer experience and your bottom line. If you’re looking for fresh ideas to help your business become the next generation of frame shops, then this class is for you.


Increasing Sales Without Selling - NEW!

Work smarter, not harder, with this new class that explores new and proven strategies for increasing your sales without becoming a salesperson! Jared Davis will reveal business strategies to improve your bottom line – used by some of the most successful framing businesses around the globe. Vital areas of sales potential will be covered including in-store merchandising, displays, promotional signage, and expanded customer solutions. Jared will also provide insight into some secret pricing and profit strategies, which will increase your sales without an extra customer walking through your door.


Guerrilla Selling Techniques -

In this brand new class, Jared will explore new & proven methods for effectively up-selling higher value framing. By deciphering consumer psychology, Jared will demonstrate techniques that will convert doubtful scenarios into profitable sales. Jared will also reveal some helpful ideas using sales aids and displays to help streamline the consultation process. This session will also examine ideas for closing the sale, and some detailed strategies for handling challenging situations that occur such as dealing with quotes, overcoming price shock, and justifying a higher price to competitors.  If you would like your customers to buy from you for reasons other than price – then this session is for you!


Creating a Customer Experience -

Enhancing the "magic of the moment" can lead to greater sales and higher margins. This presentation will focus on the psychological selling dynamics that occur on the front counter, and give you the tools required to help create a customised, individual experience for each customer. Jared not only covers new "up-to-date" methods on frame design consultation, but also how to overcome the most common difficult questions and how to effectively quote prices. Bring your staff along to this and learn how create the right customer experience, every time.


Mat Design Ideas & Inspirations for CMC's - (MCPF® CE Certified Class)

With over 15 years dedicated experience working with CMC's, computerized matcutting pioneer Jared Davis, will share an exciting slideshow of ideas and concepts which creatively embrace CMC technology, and will inspire you to enhance your mat designs in new ways. This session will also cover some "how to" tutorials including popular 3rd party CMC software such as Corel Draw.


What Customers Want

The question business owners need to ask, is how do you sell, without selling out? This new class will help provide an insight into the expectations of today's retail consumer, and how you can maximize this for increased sales, without using any generic, high pressure tactics. Jared will discuss different ideas and ways to tap into your customer's true desires, enhancing the emotional aspect of your customer's business experience. Jared will also share examples used by existing framing businesses which demonstrate the success that can be achieved from a renewed approach towards a "customer focus" method of selling which will help your business attract high value customers leading to high value sales.


Photoshop in the Frameshop - (MCPF® CE Certified Class)

In this "how to" workshop - Jared will share a few tricks and methods on how to create some handy design and marketing concepts using Adobe Photoshop software. Applications demonstrated will including how to create: an in-store promo campaign posters for a seasonal opportunities, such as Father's Day; customized shadowbox background displays for enhancing sports memorabilia; an overflow image effect, with image printed onto matboard; and much more! This class is ideal for users with a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and possible access to wide format digital printing.


Advanced CMC Mat Design Using Corel Draw (MCPF® CE Certified Class)

Learn to create unique and custom mat designs using Photoshop and Corel Draw. Areas covered include converting text and fonts into cuttable vector files; editing vector files for smoother cut results; converting logos and cliparts into cuttable vector files; creating custom designs using Corel drawing tools including merge and trim; importing and converting jpegs into vector files; editing and optimizing jpegs; and saving files in


The Lucrative Art of Selling without Speaking

In today’s market, you don't necessarily have to be a salesman to make the best sale. With customers ever more resistant to what they perceive as deceptive salespeople, there is an increasing need to utilize new methods and concepts for selling high-end custom framing. This lecture is perfect for shop owners looking to successfully sell their products to the next generation of consumers. You’ll discover innovative techniques to start selling without actually speaking! This class will cover how to use silent techniques such as body language and signage, as well as proven merchandising and display concepts, in order to make a sale. These methods can lead to a satisfied customer base that never feels like they’ve been “sold”, creating long, lucrative relationships for your business.


Planning for Profit

This seminar offers a modern-day approach that outlines the critical factors that make a custom framing business successful. Dispelling many of the business clichés that no longer apply in today's ever changing retail environment, Jared will demonstrate innovative new business methods you can employ to improve your business profit, without using any selling techniques or any extra customer walking through your door. You’ll discover up-to-date retail concepts and ideas that will encourage customer buying & loyalty for years to come. Other topics covered will include: focusing on business priorities and planning; pricing and discounting strategies; and time management techniques. This class will provide you with the strategies necessary to help increase the scope of your business immediately while simultaneously ensuring it’s long-term success.


BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! - Marketing on a Shoestring!

In this popular seminar - Jared has put together a comprehensive collection of the industry's best retail merchandising and marketing concepts - that cost $100 or less! All it takes is a handful of proven techniques at add some real pizzazz to your sales and marketing. These simple but highly effective techniques will generate an increase in profits, and help you sell more high-end custom framing, boosting your sales to new levels.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your CMC.

A CMC can open up new sales and design opportunities for any framing business, increase your efficiency and profits. Jared, who has more than 12 years of experience working with CMCs, will focus on such money-making techniques as how to sell creative design elements like V-grooves, embossing, and fancy corners. He’ll also cover how to come up with prices for multi-opening and other specialty mats. If you already own a CMC, or are just considering buying a CMC, regardless of the brand or model, this class will show you how to save time, develop creative mat design, and improve your bottom line.


Merchandising & Marketing Techniques that Work!

19 years worth of the best ideas from over 1000 custom frame shops I've visited... in only 1.5 hours!! This presentation covers a variety of marketing ideas and practical concepts that specifically relate to Custom Framing businesses.  Jared has collected a valuable a "potpourri" of tested, proven methods and "tricks" that will help create more business for any framer, and maximise your opportunities.


Successful Retailing for Custom Framers!

What matters to today's retail customer? As "Custom Picture Framers", we are also "Retailers" - This presentation will cover areas of shop presentation & design, merchandising, branding, and other relevant areas that will help your business to "stay in touch" with today's changing retail consumer, and keep ahead of the market.  With increasing competition for luxury consumer dollars, this presentation will provide you with essential knowledge to remain competitive in tough times.  


Selling Mats & Design on the Front Counter

What makes a picture priceless? This dynamic seminar will discuss the theories behind selling conceptual frame design, with a focus on matboards. This presentation will help you gain an insight into the unique psychology of our different consumers, and how to understand which profitable design influences most relate to their emotional needs.


Customers!! What do they Really Mean? - FAQ's on the Front Counter!

The seminar is designed help decipher the psychology of the retail consumer, and to provide suggested answers and responses to the most frequently asked, difficult questions that we all have to deal with on a regular basis on our front counters.

For example -

  • "I just want something cheap"

  • "I just want a quote on getting this framed"

  • "Wow, that's expensive!"

  • "You are way more expensive than the other guy!"

  • "Can't I just pay for this when I pick it up?"


If you have ever "choked up" on hearing these type of questions on the front counter, then this seminar is for you!


Improving Your Business with Conservation & Specialty Matting

Improve your business & sales by using new concepts in conservation & specialty matting.  Covering front counter consulting methods for promoting conservation & specialty matting, Jared shares techniques on how to add value through higher quality matting & framing.  Jared also reveals genuinely usable merchandising tips for easy selling of up-scaled mat designs and easy  ways to educate your customer about the benefits of conservation & specialty matting.  Expand your business potential by harnessing these new opportunities.


What is the Future of Custom Framing?

As business owners, what can we do stay ahead of the curve, & ensure our success in the future?  What is happening overseas and how does this affect our market? Having attended the major industry tradeshows around the globe in the last 5 years, Jared shares his insights and discuss he thoughts about where is our industry might be heading.


Gunnar CMC's: Getting to know Gunnar Mat Creator (GMC) Software

For over a decade, everyone has been waiting for the CMC software that offers no limitations and it's finally here. Introducing the new "Gunnar Mat Creator". This seminar will provide a detailed insight of the unique features and benefits of the new GMC software that will improve both your creativity and production efficiency. The Gunnar Mat Creator software (GMC) offers a highly customizable interface that you can modify to suit your preferences. In this class, you will see how to draw and trace your own shapes straight onto the screen using the new “Gunnar Draw” mode. Also discover how to merge and overlap shapes with the new range of our merge feature; use automatic snapping alignment systems; cut or modify words and fonts; create your own clipart library; and utilize the automatic layout and nesting systems for production. This class is recommended for both existing and potential Gunnar CMC owners. An open discussion period will follow, so bring your questions. Don’t miss this information filled session that will help increase your creative potential.  





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