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Jared has been awarded the prestigious designations of: MCPFTM - Master Certified Picture FramerTM  by the Professional Picture Framers Association in the US, and GCF - Guild Commended Picture Framer by the Fine Art Trade Guild in the UK.


These industry recognised credentials are achieved undertaking taking a combination of thorough written examinations, and stringent practical tests.


What is a MCPFTM?

Master Certified Picture Framers (MCPFTM) are awarded their qualification by the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA).


It certifies that one can demonstrate a superior framing skills, and is recognised as the industry's most comprehensive test of practical preservation and framing knowledge.


The MCPFTM requires a pre-requisite designation of CPF® (Certified Picture Framer), before the MCPFTM examination can be performed.


The PPFA first initiated the CPF® program in 1986, to raise the standards of the framing profession, improved education within the industry, and recognise those framers who demonstrate a higher knowledge & skill in the framing profession. Jared is one of only 5 MCPF® qualified framers in Australia, and less than 60 across the globe.


What is a GCF?

Guild Commended Framers (GCF) are awarded their qualification by the Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG), an international trade association for the industry based in the UK. Advanced framing skills and knowledge are rigorously examined by and independent Guild appointer tester. Less than 1000 framers worldwide have achieved this distinction, and there are less than 20 GCF qualified framers in Australia.


Jared is also holds a Certificate III in Picture Framing (QLD), as a trade qualified Picture Framing, which is nationally recognised by government and training bodies across Australia.



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